Jalma Mesnick Marcus

RN, BS, MS, CBP,HNB-BC, CLSE, AT, author, speaker, educator, holistic nurse and integrative practitioner

Organizational Health is possible

As a holistic practitioner and organizational health consultant for over 40 years, I’ve seen how ineffective it is focus on symptoms rather than discovering the root cause of a disease.

Unfortunately, both our medical system and our culture at large often begin from a position of symptomatic assessment. Addressing a symptom can help, but without intentional attention to discovering the root cause, other symptoms appear. A perpetual state of anxiety, stress, and chaos can ensure.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. Organizations, like humans, are made of energy. The energy is palpable. 

I refer to the energy system of an organization as the Space That Surrounds™. When we assess and align the energy within the Space, outcomes improve naturally. 

Balanced alignment prepares the space of the organization with a readiness for:

  • effective decision making
  • improved relationships
  • communication
  • collaboration
  • increased patient and staff safety
  • expanded revenue
  • reduced stress, discouragement, burnout, illness and, ultimately, expenditures

After many years of experience as a holistic nurse, and having earned multiple science degrees along with holistic health certifications, I’ve realized it is possible to assess the Space. With proper assessment, an organization has the opportunity for healing. The system I’ve developed is called the 4C’s Alignment System, and it utilizes four vibrational frequencies within the Space of an organization: Clarity, Connection, Compassion, and Credibility.

The 4C’s Alignment System helps us:

  • Recognize the importance of creating an aligned energy system in the Space that Surrounds
  • Understand the biochemical power available to heal the organization
  • Name, embrace and contain organizational misalignment (Name it. Embrace it. Contain it.)
  • Become co-creators in opening the opportunity for individual and organizational health to emerge
  • Co-create opportunity for growth, profit and success

Your Invitation

I invite you to investigate the power of Quantum Energy System Alignment. Every day we learn more about how to respect energy as its own Agent, so we can assess and treat it as we would any other patient in need of care. Once we shift our perspective and accept a broader understanding of “energy as agent,” we open opportunities for a higher level of health to emerge in ourselves, our staff, our customers or patients—and the workplace as a whole.

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  • Jalma Marcus earned both Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from Boston University School of Nursing. 
  • She holds a certificate in Outcomes Management, Economics of Health Care Systems from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • Certified BodyTalk Practitioner, Advanced PaRama Practitioner, Access Instructor, Certified Life Style Educator, Accunect Practitioner and Instructor and Board Certified Holistic Nurse.
  • She has held faculty and Leadership positions at Boston College, Villanova University, Bucks County Community College.
  • She has clinical and Executive leadership experience in Quality/Outcomes Management, Medicine, Surgery, Trauma and Psychiatry.
  • Presently holds the position of Delegate at Large on the Board of the American Holistic Nurses Association and Adjunct Faculty in Foundations of Holistic Nursing Practice and Holistic Leadership and Management at Immaculata University.

Jalma is in private practice. She is the author of the 4C’s Alignment System, a Quantum Energy System approach for co-creating the opportunity for organizational and individual health to emerge.


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