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Is the energy in your organization causing dis-ease?

As with personal health, organizational health can deteriorate, causing the organizational Space That Surrounds™ to become toxic, ineffective and costly. The answer isn’t a financial analyst, process-improvement consultant, leadership coach—or even a new CEO.

To restore organizational health, it’s necessary to clarify the root cause of organizational dis-ease. We call the root cause “organizational misalignment.” And when we identify and treat the misalignment, we empower the organization to heal itself to become resilient, adaptable and sustainable.

Our goal is the congruent harmony of parts working together in a state of aligned action.

Change Is Possible with the Power of the 4C's Alignment System


Align your organization’s purpose, goals, expectations, verbal and written communication.


Align your organization’s people, processes, structures, relationships and technology.


Align your organization’s Emotional Intelligence (EMI) to cultivate dignity, honor, respect, and awareness.


Align your organization’s integrity to foster innovation, accountability and authenticity.

Restore Organizational Alignment

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Meet Jalma

As a holistic practitioner and organizational health consultant for over 40 years, I’ve seen how ineffective and temporary it is to focus on symptoms. It’s equally as ineffective to waste time and money treating symptoms of dis-ease caused by organizational stress rather than discovering the root cause and treating the whole system. 

Chaotic energy and stress limits an organization’s ability to grow and adapt. However, when we intentionally attend to the Space That Surrounds™ and determine the source of the chaotic energy, we offer an opportunity for all the parts to work together to increase the potential of an organization.

I’ve developed the “4C’s Alignment System” to show today’s leaders how they can help repattern organizational DNA. Using Clarity, Connection, Compassion, and Credibility, can holistically create and sustain opportunity for the organizational system to heal and continue to promote resilience.

With intentional focus on organizational energy, organization health is possible. 

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Jalma is an author, speaker, educator, holistic nurse and integrative practitioner. She is the author of the 4C’s Alignment System, a Quantum Energy System approach for co-creating the opportunity for organizational and individual health to emerge.


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